Linda Mylin Ross Charcoal works


Night on the Patio
All charcoal on paper

Patio at 10 p.m. I, 26x 31 Patio at 10 p.m. II, 26x31 Patio at 10 p.m. III, 30x38 Patio Life, 26x31

All charcoal on paper

Morning, 26.5 ½ x 34 Morning II, 34x26.5 Percys View, 34x26.5 Play, 34x26.5 Nighthawks, 34x26.5 Noon, 24x28 Nightwatch, 25x35 Shadow Play, 26.5 x 34 Not Mine, 33.5 x 45.75 The Players, 33.5x26.5

Emile's Garden
All charcoal on paper

Emilie, 40x50 Birdhouse, 34x28 Stove, 28x34 Piper and Trough, 34x28

Other Charcoal Works

Site, Charcoal on paper, 48xx 60 House, Charcoal on mylar, 16x12 Fiddleheads, Charcoal on mylar, 32x24 Skunk Cabbage, Charcoal on mylar, 24x32

Suite at Lancaster Arts Hotel

Lancaster Arts Hotel